Thank You to Our Summer Researchers

Over the summer, we had the privilege of mentoring several students on our group’s research in the area computational materials. Nia and Caleb worked alongside Henry Herbol, a postdoc in our group, gaining experience in molecular modelling and programming. Meanwhile, AJ worked with Seun on gaining insight into metal halide perovskite solutions. For AJ and Nia, their work culminated in a poster presentation to highlight their progress and research aptitude. Now with the summer coming to an end, our summer researchers are heading back to their respective schools to continue with classes. We wish them success in their future research endeavours!

Two other JHU undergraduate researchers, Charlie and Maggie, will continue on with us in the fall as the move forward with their project on generative adversarial networks. We look forward to the new academic year at Johns Hopkins!

Several members of the Clancy lab wishing the summer researchers goodbye with a group lunch.