Grants & Funding: 2022-early 2023

The Clancy group has been awarded funding from the following sources via grant proposals in 2022 and early 2023:

  • HEMI Seed Funding (2023)
    Title: “Towards Proton Radiation-Resistant Perovskite Solar Cell Materials for Space Applications”
    This award will assess the effect of proton impact degradation on prototypical metal halide perovskite materials that have good solar cell efficiencies. Our goal is to gain a mechanistic understanding of defects that contribute more significantly to performance degradation. The knowledge gained through this work will be used to discover and engineer materials that have defect tolerance and resilience.
  • IDIES Seed Funding (2022)
    Title: “Coupling Active Learning Molecular Dynamics and Phase Field Simulations in an Investigation of GaN thin film growth through a new gas-phase reactive additive manufacturing process (GRAM)”
    The goal of this project will be to realize a vertical GaN power device fabricated using a novel GRAM additive manufacturing process. We will improve the experimental GRAM process using guidance from multiscale computational approaches. These multiscale computations will cover a wide range from the molecular-scale, across ten orders of magnitude in length, to phase field modeling of continuum-scale growth and atomic-scale modeling of crystallization and doping processes.
  • JHU Space Program Seed Funding (2022)
    Title: “Sheltering life on Titan and Enceladus”
    The goal of this award will be to determine the thermodynamically stable structure of the azotosome, a self-assembled vesicle composed of acrylonitrile molecules that could shelter life on Titan.