AIChE – 2023

  1. Gigi’s Poster Presentation: PAL 2.0 Shines Bright Senior UG Gigi (Yiran) Wang was awarded second place in the Undergraduate Student Poster Session for Materials Engineering and Science Section II. Her poster, titled “PAL 2.0: A Physics-Driven Machine Learning Algorithm for Material Discovery,” showcased innovation in Bayesian optimization at the intersection of physics and machine learning. This work contributed to the growing landscape of material discovery methodologies.
  2. Maitreyee Takes the Stage: Faculty Candidacy Unveiled Post-doc Dr. Maitreyee Sharma presented a popular poster at the “Meet the Faculty Candidates” session, featuring two algorithmic advances that she has made in the past 15 month, one being PAL 2.0 (Bayesian optimization-based) , the second involving a nested autoencoder NN approach. Papers describing both new algorithm were recently accepted in Materials Horizons. [PAL 2.0 : ; Nested AE :]
  3. Prof. Paulette Clancy’s Invited Talk: Navigating New Frontiers in Molecular Thermodynamics Paulette Clancy opened the well-attended session of invited talks on “New Frontiers of Molecular Thermodynamics.” She provided insights related to the evolving landscape in this fast-moving field, both accomplishments and challenges.